Brand Statement

We are a group that will continue to bring innovation to the hospitality industry.

We aim to achieve the goals which are "To be the leading company in the hospitality industry in Japan and to enhance the tourism value of Japan and Tokyo." as our VISION, and "Innovation in the hospitality industry" as our MISSION.

In recent years, the range of ways to travel and have fun has expanded, and the needs for hotels have changed in a diverse way.
In particular, people who are well-traveled and highly sensitive are seeking originality in their travels and are looking for destinations and hotels that offer special experiences.
In the world, the category of "boutique hotels" that meet the diversified needs of today's people is attracting attention, and starting from the United States and Europe, "boutique hotels" are being born one after another in Asia, expanding their scale all over the world.
In response to this trend, a new hotel category called "lifestyle hotels," which mimic boutique hotels, has been spreading in Japan. Boutique hotels are characterized by conceptual, highly creative, non-manual, original and personalized services.
In the past, hotels were thought of as places to stay or to be used only for important occasions such as anniversaries, but now hotels are becoming places to be used on a daily basis.

In order to increase the value of Tokyo and Japan in the eyes of the world, it is necessary to have hotels that continue to anticipate the needs of today's people and create new value.
By providing this need through the development of boutique hotels that offer a unique hotel experience that has never existed in Japan before, we are trying to inspire the Japanese hotel industry, which seems to be afraid of breaking old conventions, to create a ""new concept"" in the hotel market. This is a new concept in the hotel market.

It is the WANT of each and every employee that supports the realization of the innovation we aim for.
At TRUNK, we view "organization" as a completely different concept from the conventional wisdom of the hospitality industry.
In the hospitality industry, it is common to aim to provide high quality services by creating and thoroughly implementing manuals to meet the needs of customers.
However, we take the WANT inherent in each employee as the starting point, and have an organizational structure and system in place to utilize and realize that WANT.
In addition, we aim to provide value that exceeds our customers' expectations by utilizing our creative abilities to output that WANT with high quality.
We are proud that this difference in approach is the key activity to bring about innovation in the hospitality industry.

We are a group that will continue to bring innovation to the hospitality industry.