Various initiatives to support diverse members


A system that supports the members' own desire to grow

Be Trunkers!

This system is designed to support the self-improvement of each individual.
The program supports the improvement of skills and knowledge, sense of style, experiences such as hotel visits, and even the purchase of apparel items to be worn as uniforms.
Skills and Knowledge Improvement
  • Obtain various certifications
  • Attend lessons or study abroad to improve language skills
  • Participate in external courses, seminars, and study groups
  • Participate in competitions and conventions
Health and Beauty
  • Get health checkups and physical examinations
  • Train to maintain a healthy and fit body.
  • Participate in an intensive program of self and body image improvement
  • Receive various treatments and procedures to improve health and beauty.
  • Immersive experience of competitors facilities and services
  • Visits and experiences to understand current trends
  • Participation to external events and activities
  • "Insider" experience of the company own properties
Improve your sense of style
  • Visits of museum or theater
  • Participate in various events and workshops to improve your sense of style
  • Have opportunities for cross-industrial and cross-cultural exchange
Information Gathering & Tools
  • Subscribe to various subscriptions (magazines, online services, etc.)
  • Purchase books and dictionaries that are useful for your work
  • Purchase tools necessary for work (knives, scissors, tools, etc.)
  • Purchase clothing to be worn on the job (Clothing and shoes are included / Accessories and underwear are not included)
  • Receive fashion advice from a stylist
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Draft Conference

Unlike normal personnel transfers, all departments are open positions, and members who want to take on new challenges outside of their own department can nominate a department or role, while managers who want to scout for members who want to work together in their own department can nominate members.
After the nomination period, a draft meeting is held twice a year with the participation of executives and the heads of each department. This is the kind of growth support that only a hotel can provide, where career development can be measured through a variety of content.


  • STEP 1

    Announcement request
    Hearing (Web format)

    Ask about your wishes, interests and intentions

  • STEP 2


    Communicate your intentions and scout positions

  • STEP 3

    Final Intention Hearing

    Hearing about hopes, interests and intentions

  • STEP 4

    Draft meeting (all section chiefs)


  • STEP 5


    Communicate the results

  • STEP 6

    Coordination of personnal change

    Prepare for the change

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A company that praises the hard work of each individual

Evaluation System
TRUNK conducts evaluations every four quarters, four times a year in total.
Also, we evaluate members' hard work and achievements speedily by subdividing the salary table,.
MVP Awards
MVPs are selected semiannually based on performance, philosophy embodiment, and evaluation.
(*This program will not be implemented in fiscal 2020 in consideration of social conditions.)
Incentive Dinner
Each month, The president of TRUNK will have a dinner with the members of TRUNK who have demonstrated good practices that embody our philosophy. The restaurants chosen for the dinners are varied and serve as a source of knowledge for TRUNK members who have a wide variety of experiences, from first-class to third-class.
(*This event will not be held in fiscal 2020 in light of social conditions.)
This is a system to introduce new members to TRUNK and provide incentives to new members who are hired and stay for a certain period of time.

Various systems to ensure a safe working environment

New Year Vacations
This is a special vacation that is unique to TRUNK, born from the thoughts of our members, and is not bound by the fixed idea of the hotel industry.
The hotel will be closed for four days from December 30 to January 2, and all employees will receive holidays.
GLTD Insurance
GLTD insurance is a long-term income support program to protect you in case you have to take a leave of absence from work due to illness or injury.
Employee Stock Ownership Association
This is a system that allows employees to accumulate and purchase shares of T&G, a group company, for future capital formation.
Company in-house savings
A deposit system with a special interest rate. A certain amount of money is automatically accumulated by deduction from your monthly salary.


#trunkstudy is a record of activities and experiences that each person voluntarily engages in using company support to maximize their abilities and achievements, from learning to refining their sense of style.
A scene, a figure, everything that your body feels will be returned to TRUNK, and new value will be created. What will you learn from TRUNK?